Treat addiction the homeopathic way
Homeopathic medicine

Treat addiction the homeopathic way

Treat addiction the homeopathic way

Addiction is dependency on something that is physically or psychologically that forms as a habit.

Homoeopathy is known for managing addiction habits. Firstly efforts should be made to stop the habit forcibly and then homoeopathic medicine must be taken at same time.

Following things are considered by homoeopaths while treating addiction:

  1. In homoeopathy, physical and mental symptoms of patient should be very well asked to find and treat the root cause of addiction.
  2. Addiction could be because of cultural status of an individual, economic stability and/or monetary issues, stress levels in the pertaining individual.
  3. Treatment should always be psychotherapeutic and medications at same time. Help them to resolve conflicts and change your lifestyle.
  4. Homoeopathy treats person as a whole, one should go through the whole case to find out the root cause and appropriate medicine.
  5. Homoeopathy has a role to help addicts even in emergency and acute phases as various homeopathic remedies are used on acute symptoms. Constitutional treatment in homoeopathy helps get rid of craving as well.

Below are some remedies which are useful for de-addiction:

  1. Angelica: 15 drops of tincture, 3 times a day causes disgust for liquor.
  2. Arsenic album: Helpful in treating cases caused by overuse of alcohol.
  3. Capsicum: 10 drop of this tincture helps stop intense craving for alcohol.
  4. Nux vomica: It is used as an anti-alcoholic remedy.
  5. Hyoscyamus: One of the first remedies indicated when delirium tremens occur.
  6. Ranunculus bulbosus: It is known to remove bad effects of abuse due to alcoholic beverages.
  7. Spritus Glandum querus: It’s used as an antidote towards the effects of alcohol.
  8. Aconite: It works in acute mania of delirium tremens, where fear is the prevalent condition.
  9. Pulsatilla: It’s an antidote to Whisky.
  10. Stramonium: Suitable for habitual drunkards.
  11. Syphilinum: Prescribed for hereditary tendency to alcohol.

Treatment is based on giving homoeopathic medicines known for this purpose and symptomatic treatment with psychiatric help. Homoeopathic remedies help addictive personality and bring him/her to a state of balance.

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