Tips for a Good Sleep

Sleeping is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep a lot of diseases at bay. Sleep right, Stay Healthy!

  • Stop the caffeine

    That you are supposed to avoid coffee or tea before bed-time is a fact that you know very well. But you should know that coffee and tea and any energy boosting drink had in the afternoon will still have their effect till the evening. So avoid such drinks after lunch, so that their effects wear off by bedtime.

  • Wine and dine

    Out for a dinner with your loved one? Go easy on the wine. Alcohol has a negative effect on the second half of the sleep cycle. So you may sleep well initially, but then you may find yourself wide awake later in the night.

  • Sleep friendly food

    Eat food rich in proteins, the tryptophan in the proteins helps promote good sleep by booting the activity of serotonin, the sleep and relaxing enzyme.

  • Time a bath

    Most people would advise going to sleep right after a hot bath. Do not do that as it may hamper your sleep. Your body needs to cool down before it can settle to sleep. So take a bath atleast 30 minutes before you turn in.

  • Set the right mood

    Keep your room dark. Putting on the lights send the ‘day’ signal to your biological clock and you may find it hard to sleep. Putting on soft instrumental music sets the right tone for sleep.

  • Sleep at the same time daily

    Set a regular bedtime for yourself as well as other family members. Try and follow this sleep routine even on weekends. Avoid temptation to stay up late and don’t take the leisure of sleeping for longer and getting up late even on weekends.

  • Smart nap

    Take a small nap to make it up. It can be a great way to recharge. Sometimes napping makes insomnia worse, especially in adults. In case of insomnia, eliminate napping and if you must nap, it should not exceed 30 minutes. Also choose early afternoon to do so.

  • Keep the work away

    Remember to keep your bedroom and bed reserved only for sleep. Do not pile your office files, laptop all around your bed. Keep the bed neat and bed sheet clean. Make sure that the bed is comfortable. If you wake up with a sore back or an aching neck often, you may need to invest in a new pillow and mattress. Try out different levels of mattress firmness and pillows that provide more or less support.

  • Keep the noise down

    If it is not possible to avoid or do away with noise from barking dogs, neighbors television, traffic, or loud talk of other people in your household, try to mask it with a fan or soothing sounds. Earplugs may also help.

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