The depression that is not typical

The depression that is not typical

The depression that's not typical

Depression is a major mental condition of our times. A person suffering from major depressive episodes is affected in most areas in life depending on the severity of the symptoms. Now, medical science tells us there are many other types of depression floating about. Atypical depression is one of them.

What is atypical depression?

As the term suggests, atypical depression is a shade different from typical depression. Though in both typical and atypical depression the symptoms are more or less the same, in atypical depression there can be a temporary reprieve, i.e. if there is any event causing happiness, joy or elation to the patient, then the depressive clouds can temporarily lift or there is improvement in mood in response to positive incidents. On the other hand, in major depression, the symptoms are maintained throughout, despite any positive events occurring in the person’s life.

What causes atypical depression?

The treatment strategies for atypical depression are generally counseling or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). There are several factors that can singly or jointly contribute towards atypical depression. These include –

  1. Social: Long term isolation or rejection from social groups can be a major factor behind atypical depression.
  2. Guilt: Feelings of guilt especially sexual guilt when repressed can over a period cause atypical depression.
  3. Addiction: Drug abuse or chronic alcoholism or major illnesses can result in atypical depression.

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