Women A Multitasking Person, are prone to ignore her most important responsibility of all; that is taking care of their own health. Our women's health checkup packages include all the basic to comprehensive tests that women of all ages require to detect any onset of diseases. The package consists of 11 tests & profiles which consist of fundamental tests for screening of the women's health status like Complete blood count, Diabetes screening (Glucose Fasting), Total Cholesterol levels, Basic screening for Liver, Kidney & Thyroid, and Routine Urine. An additional test of Serum Potassium is included in the package. This package is ideal for any woman aged 25 years and above.

Parameters in detail:

Complete Blood Count
– Haemoglobin
– RBC count
– WBC count
– Platelet count
– RBC & Platelet Indicies
– WBC Differential counts
Diabetes Screening
– Glucose Fasting
– Hba1c
Total Cholesterol
Liver Function Test
– Bilirubin Total
Serum Creatinine Levels
Gout Test – Uric Acid
Thyroid Stimulation Hormone (TSH)
Routine Urine Analysis
Electrolytes Panel
– Potassium


Services Includes:

– Appointment booking
– Collection at the home facility
– Accurate and error-free report with hi-tech solutions
– FREE Online Medical record management
– FREE Report evaluation
– FREE 1 Month TDO Nepal Doctor consultation package worth Rs.100
– FREE Medicine Prescription (If Required)


– 12-14 hours fasting
– Avoid Non-veg & fried food 24 hrs before the test
– Avoid alcoholic beverages 48 hours before the check-up

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