Stop embarrassing yourself with bad breath
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Stop embarrassing yourself with bad breath

Stop embarrassing yourself with bad breath

The best way to liberate yourself from bad breath is to arm yourself with the knowledge of different factors that cause bad breath.

The following are the most common offenders of offensive breath:

  1. Foods:
    The chief culprit of bad breath, especially foods with strong odour like onion and garlic. Coffee is also one of them. These cause temporary bad breath which goes off after brushing.
  2. Smoking:
    Smokers have that typical smoker’s breath caused due to nicotine and tar that accumulated on the teeth even on the insides of the mouth. Quitting would be great but proper oral hygiene is essential too. A number of visits to the dentist might be needed.
  3. Dry mouth:
    Waking up in the morning with bad breath is the best example. There is no sufficient saliva production to wash off the food and cleanse mouth and this causes dryness and bad breath.
  4. Gum disease:
    One of the major causes of bad breath. Chronic gum disease might lead to pain, erosion and tooth decay.
  5. Dentures:
    Dentures whether full or partial, also affect the odour of your breath.

Conditions like sinusitis and sore throat can lead to bad breath as well. Thus by keeping a watch on your health you always get to have fresh breath.

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