Simple Yoga Techniques for Relaxation

Relax yourself with simple yoga techniques

  • For knee pain

    Sit comfortably with your legs stretched out in front. Bend one leg so that the heel is as close to your buttocks as you can manage. Flex the foot and then stretch out the leg without touching the floor. Repeat five times with each leg.

  • Shoulder rotation

    Rotate arms one at a time, from the shoulder. Go forwards times, then backwards. Try it first with your arms straight, then bent.

  • Foot rotation

    Use your hands to rotate the upper foot each way, and then rotate the foot without using your hands. Wriggle your toes. Repeat with the other foot.

  • For hip pain

    Lie on the floor with your lower back relaxed and feet together. Inhale slowly and bring one knee as close to your chest as is comfortable. As you slowly exhale, gently return your leg to the ground. Do this five times with each leg. Repeat the exercise, holding the bent knee and moving it in circles. Finally, repeat the exercise moving the bent knee from side to side.

  • Hand rotation

    Slowly rotate each wrist a few times, first in a clockwise, and then a counter-clockwise direction. Follow by wriggling your fingers.

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