Power naps: A powerful way to beat stress!

Power naps: A powerful way to beat stress!

Power naps

Power naps are short periods of sleep that leave you feeling fresh and energized.

Power naps are usually taken in the afternoon but you may take them anytime you want to feel refreshed. Power naps are usually of 30 minutes, where the body and mind completely relax, so that when you wake up, you start afresh. They are usually dreamless sleep.

‘power nap’, means more patience, less stress, better reaction time, increased learning, more efficiency and better health.

Power naps are successful people’s best kept secret and have been the topic of research for quite a while now. According to the Salk Institute, napping improves heart function, hormonal maintenance, and cell repair. In another study done by NASA researchers, power naps were also shown to improve memory. Other studies indicate that those who nap enjoy productivity boosts, lower stress levels, improved learning ability, and better overall moods.

If you feel that too many ideas are cluttered in your mind which is not helping you to think straight, a power nap will help! It clears your thinking and aids the brain in processing the thoughts more effectively.

For power napping, the first pre-requisite is comfort. Physical comfort is essential and equally important is the mental comfort. You need to have a quiet and relaxing place to sleep.
The place should preferably have dim lighting and soothing music.
The key of power naps is to not concentrate on a specific thought. The very idea is to de-clutter and allow the thoughts to flow freely.

Be sure to set an alarm so you nap for no more than thirty minutes. Any more than this and you could slip into a deep sleep that will leave you feeling groggy rather than refreshed. After the alarm goes off, spend another minute or two breathing deeply and doing some light stretching. At this point, full awareness should return and you should be ready to jump back into your day feeling better than ever.

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