Wrist is the part which joins the forearm and hand. The word wrist is derived from the ancient German word wristiz, this is the symbolic of the action of twisting. The part you prefer to have your watch on your hand that is exactly the part which you can consider as your wrist. One wrist is made up of eight bones.


Wrist helps in all movements of hands twisted movements like lifting, pulling etc. It helps in grasping, holding, writing etc.


Repetitive motions of wrist may cause damage to the joint like everyday typing, sewing etc. Some disease conditions like sprains and strains, tendonitis, arthritis, gout and pseudo gout, carpal tunnel syndrome are the diseases that damage your joint and also your movements.

Interesting facts:

Wrist and fingers in co-ordination can give rise to a beautiful art as these both are the origin of artist’s hand which makes an art for you. From the wrist the skin of the palm, side of the hand and fingers is unique for following reasons like 1. No hair 2. Usually no colour and nor the ability to tan. 3. Tough and durable yet sensitive.

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