Tongue is the indivisible part of our life. Just try to eat an ice-cream cone or sing your favourite song without it. It is a muscle band on the floor of mouth. The tongue is made up of many groups of muscles. These muscles run in different directions to carry out all tongue's job. Frenulum is present below your tongue which connects your tongue to the mouth floor.


Tongue helps in chewing food, swallowing, singing, talking, tasting.  Front part of the tongue is very flexible and can move around a lot, working with teeth to create different types of words. This part also helps in eating by chewing food. The back of your tongue is important for eating as when food is mixed with saliva then back muscles of tongue push small bit of food along with saliva into your oesophagus which is a food pipe that leads from your throat to your stomach. Top of the tongue is rough as it is covered with papillae. They contain your taste buds, papillae help to grip food and chew food.


The conditions of tongue include glossitis which means inflammation of tongue.  Fissured tongue causes groove on tongue. Geographical tongue means patches on the tongue. Leukoplakia means white patches on tongue. Some disease conditions may hamper the function of tongue like paralysis.

Interesting Facts:

To prevent bad breath always keep your tongue clean. Every person has a unique tongue print.

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