Dartos is the muscle located just below the skin of scrotum. It slightly elevates the testis and wrinkles the scrotum.


Scrotal subcutaneous tissue.


Scrotal skin, midline raphe.

Blood supply

Nerve supply

Genitofemoral nerve.


It helps to regulate the temperature of testis. This muscle contracts in order to move the testicles closer to the body when the temperature of testis drops below normal. The muscle relaxes, moving the testes away from the body when the temperature of testis is warmer than normal.


Heavy exercises like weightlifting or sports like basketball can injure the muscle. Improper maintenance of temperature in testicles may cause infertility problem in males.

Muscle Exercise

To strengthen this muscle, you can perform Kegel’s exercise in which there is contraction and relaxation of pelvic muscles.

Interesting fact

In males who work continuously in hot environment like bakers or furnace operators, regular exposure to higher temperature can hamper the body’s ability to keep the testicles cool. Thus they are more prone to infertility.

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