Cremaster is the muscle that covers the testis and spermatic cord in males through which the sperm travels to testis. It is prominently present in males and as few small loops in females.


Inguinal ligament.


Tunica vaginalis.

Blood supply

Cremasteric artery.

Nerve supply

Genitofemoral nerve.


Its function is to raise and lower the scrotum in order to maintain the temperature of testis, help in the production of sperms, and prevent overheating. During sex, this muscle contracts to prevent the injury to testicles when they are aroused.


Heavy exercises like weightlifting or sports like basketball can injure the muscle.

Muscle exercise

To strengthen this muscle, you can perform Kegel’s exercise in which there is contraction and relaxation of pelvic muscles.

Interesting fact

In the winter season, this muscle contracts to bring the testicles closer to the body and helps to keep them warm. In summer season, this muscle relaxes so that testicles move away from the body and feel relaxed and cool.

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