Bulbospongiosus is the superficial muscle of perineum (the area around the genitals including the urinary and anal openings). It is present in both males and females.


The bulbospongiosus originates from the median raphe.


The fibers extend and partly spread to the urogenital fascia around the corpus cavernosum penis, corpus cavernosum urethrae, and a few fibers end into a tendinous expansion.

Blood supply

Perineal artery.

Nerve supply

Pudendal nerve.


In males, it helps for erection of penis, ejaculation, and for the feeling of orgasm. In females it helps for the erection of clitoris and feeling of orgasm and closes the vagina. It’s also helpful while urinating.


Injury to bulbospongiosus muscle can cause problems of erection of penis; it may happen due to vigorous masturbation or any other injury.

Muscle Exercise

To strengthen the bulbospongiosus muscle, you can practice Kegel’s exercise.

Interesting facts

As this muscle works at the end of urination process to empty the urine, people who suffer from dribbling of urine post urination may have injured their bulbospongiosus muscle.

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