Good and bad foods for your fertility

Are you planning a baby? Pay attention on your diet. Eating the right food can have a positive impact on fertility while eating the wrong food can contribute to delaying your chance to conceive. Disclaimer : Above article based on various studies, inputs, blogs, feed backs and scientific studies of diets for their micronutrient values and benefits.

  • Good food: Nuts

    Nuts like almonds and walnuts are rich in vitamin E and Omega 3 which helps to regulate the hormones and improve the sex drive. They also help to protect the embryos from miscarriage.

  • Good food: Healthy oils

    Good fats are essential in the body to produce hormones which are essential for fertility. Monosaturated oils like coconut oil and olive oil reduces inflammation and thus helps to boost fertility.

  • Good food: Dairy products

    Dairy products like milk, paneer and tofu contain fats and calcium that are important to maintain a healthy ovulation cycle. They increase the chances of conceiving. They also provide the necessary fats and calcium that is needed to have a healthy pregnancy.

  • Good food: Oily fish

    Studies suggest that fish contain essential fatty acids that improve the sperm count and semen quality in men. Cold water fish like wild salmon are low in mercury than other fishes and helps to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs and increases the chances of conceiving. You should choose salmon or tuna and avoid high mercury fishes such as shark, mackerel, sword fish etc.

  • Foods to avoid: Meat

    Studies suggest that chicken or turkey affects the ovulation cycle in women and can lower the chances of getting pregnant by 32%.

  • Foods to avoid: Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks

    Alcoholic and caffeinated risk increases the acidity level in your body. This puts strain on the kidney and liver and results in toxicity hence can be detrimental in your fertility.

  • Foods to avoid: Refined carbs

    Refined carbs like maida, should be avoided as they release sugars immediately into your bloodstreams and hence the pancreas needs to work rapidly to release insulin hormone. This can lead to imbalance in hormones, which may further affect the ovulation cycle.

  • Foods to avoid: Processed and fried food

    Tinned foods, ready to eat foods, or fried foods contain trans fats or hydrogenated fats which should be avoided as they do not allow the body to make use of the essential fats in the body which are necessary to conceive. This can lower the chances of conceiving faster.

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