Get beautiful skin forever: 10 skin-care sins you commit daily!

Get beautiful skin forever: 10 skin-care sins you commit daily!

Get beautiful skin forever

A wonderful skin comes at a cost – daily care! It is all worth it! You can embrace and flaunt your shining skin every day and make people wonder how your skin never grows old. Here are 10 mistakes we commit every day which upsets and makes your skin go ‘No! Not again!’ Fix them and watch your skin flourish, growing soft and beautiful!

“As Tina grew older, people looked at her and awed at her skin. They wondered how it was possible that she could be 50-years old and yet have the skin of a woman in her 20s. Even better, how her skin could be better than majority of people in their youth. As I conversed with her, she revealed her secrets. They were so simple that I could not believe that it was all that was there to it, but come to think of it, daily skin care is the best way to keep the skin supple and alive!”

SIN 1 : Using products which are not manufactured for your skin type
Make sure you get products which are produced especially for your skin type. There are three primary types of skin: dry, oily and normal. Some of us have a combination of these three. Normal skin is neither too oily, nor too dry. A person with dry skin has lines on their face as well as a dull complexion. If you have oily skin, then you would be suffering from enlarged pores on the skin as well as pimples and blackheads. When you purchase your skin care products like face wash and scrub, check the type of skin it is prepared for and then, purchase it.

SIN 2 : Forgetting the delicate areas
There are parts of your face which are very delicate like the eye contour and lips. Special care needs to be taken of them. Do not scrub on them excessively and use a lip balm regularly. What would be better is to stay hydrated (this will prevent drying of your lips!).

SIN 3 : No-Cleanse Policy
Every time you go out and enter the home, wash and cleanse your face. This will remove the make-up and dirt. It would be best to use a make-up removal which is natural, as it would help to retain its pH level. When you wash your face, do not wipe it too hard (you might not see them, but it could lead to rashes!).

SIN 4 : Dry Skin Care
If you have dry skin, don’t scrub when you are washing up. Your soap should be mild and not perfumed. Don’t over bathe and when you take a bath or shower, keep it short! Right after you take bath, apply a strong moisturiser. You can reapply then according to the needs of your skin during the day.

SIN 5 : Oily Skin Care
Do not wash your face frequently; limit it to only two times a day. Don’t scrub on your face and use a soft cleanser. If you have pimples, don’t squeeze them. This will only worsen their condition; pimples will take longer to heal and might leave scars. If you are using a skin care product, use one which has a ‘non-comedogenic’ label on it. These will prevent your pores from getting blocked.

SIN 6 : Exposing your skin to allergies
If you use make-up, make sure they are hypo-allergic. This will reduce the chances of your skin reacting negatively to them.

SIN 7 : Not wearing sunscreen
Do not keep aside your sunscreen (at least SPF 15) because it is not sunny. You still need to protect your skin from the UV rays which are affecting your skin as long as there is sunlight.

SIN 8 : Reduced hours of sleep
You might have a tedious job and rarely time to relax. No matter what, make sure you get the right amount of sleep. This should be at least 8 hours. Not sleeping well reduces the amount of time the body has to rest and regenerate its energy.

SIN 9 : Junk food
It is no secret that eating fast and junk food affects your body weight and also increases your chances of ending up with skin problems. Avoid oil-saturated food and stick to a healthy diet. This will increase your chances of preserving the young nature of your skin.

SIN 10 : Stress

With the fast-paced character of lifestyle, it is very easy to forget the main point of having simply one life: to live it to the fullest. Remember that your skin is not only a body part, but also the first element of you in contact with the world – it is the representative of who you are.

Don’t take too much stress and if you do get worried easily, start practicing meditation.

The thinnest skin is found on your eyelids. These are only 0.02mm thick. So, make sure you do not scrub here too hard. On the other hand, the thickest skin is present on your feet, which is 1.44mm. So, if your feet get dirty, you are going to have to rub them clean real hard.

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