Facts behind 10 hot sex myths revealed

Sex- a normal yet taboo word seldom discussed openly and the authentic sources of information are far and few. All this leading to a hoard of mistaken beliefs related to sex. Here is some authentic info to help you distinguish truth from mythology.

  • Myth: Concurrent orgasms are compulsory for a healthy sex life.

    Fact: Most of the couples reach orgasm at different times. Simultaneous orgasms are not must. It does not affect sexual life and health in any way. What matters is you and your partner being satisfied and happy.

  • Myth: Females ejaculate too, as they reach orgasm.

    Fact: This is not true. Female ejaculation has never been scientifically substantiated and is highly questionable. To say the least, orgasm does not lead to ejaculation in females.

  • Myth: Men want/need sex much more frequently than women.

    This is false. It is not about being a man or woman; it is about the sex drive. Sex drive and desires vary from person to person in both men and women.

  • Myth: Oral sex is a type of perversion. Only homosexuals indulge in anal sex.

    Oral sex is not a perversion. Heterosexual couples also have anal sex. It is a matter of choice. There is no harm in oral sex or anal sex if both the partners consent to it.

  • Myth: Vasectomy can make a man impotent.

    Vasectomy is a method of contraception which makes man sterile i.e. semen does not contain sperms anymore. Sterility is not equal to impotence. Man can get normal erections, achieve orgasms and have normal sex life as earlier even after vasectomy. Some men actually report of improved sex life after vasectomy, because there is no fear of unwanted pregnancy.

  • Myth: If a man is not able to achieve an erection whenever he wants to, he is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

    Erection occurs in response to a sexual stimulus or arousal. One may not be able to attain it at will. It cannot be deemed as disorder unless the inability to attain an erection prevents a man from having sexual intercourse on many occasions.

  • Myth: Venereal diseases in men can be cured by having sex with a virgin.

    Fact: Highly health hazardous misconception. Venereal diseases in men will not be cured but passed on to the virgin. There are many medicines available to treat venereal diseases successfully.

  • Myth: Wet dreams and nocturnal emissions are specific to men. They can point to a sexual disorder.

    Women may experience nocturnal orgasms too. Wet dreams are normal and they do not indicate any sexual disorder.

  • Myth: Too much masturbation can shrink and shrivel the penis.

    Fact: Ridiculously wrong. Men have always been a bit sensitive about the size of this organ. No amount of masturbation will reduce or increase the size of penis. An adult male's penis always remains the same size throughout his life.

  • Myth: Woman's sex life ends with menopause.

    Fact: No periods only means no more conception and pregnancy. Women can continue to have a normal sex life even after menopause.

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