Facts about erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is persistent inability to erect the penis in men. Some useful facts men would like to know about erectile dysfunction (ED).

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) may affect all

    ED is more common in old age. But, young men who are in their 20s may also get ED!

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be cured

    ED can be cured, whether it affects young or old. If someone has an ED it does not mean that he has to live with it for the rest of his life. Old men may take a little longer to arouse sexually. But, there are men who have a normal sexual function though they are aged.

  • Causes

    When someone is not interested in his partner, he may have an ED. But it is not the only reason. In fact, it is less likely. ED may be caused due to underlying diseases like diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease.

  • Medication and erectile dysfunction (ED)

    If someone has an ED, it does not mean that he has to take medicines for the rest of his life. ED can be cured by treating underlying diseases. In fact, ED may be caused as a side effect of medication. Medicines which are used to treat diseases like BP and depression may lead to ED. Do not forget to inform your doctor about the medicines which you are taking.

  • Treatment

    The best way to treat ED (erectile dysfunction) is to consult a doctor. Doctor will find out the right reason for ED and then begin with treatment. There are some psychological factors also which can be responsible for ED. Depression, performance anxiety; poor self esteem are some of them. Psychotherapy helps in recovery.

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