Celebs and their health secrets

Celebs and their health secrets

Celebs and their health secrets

Life can be very demanding especially if you are a celebrity and are in constant glare of the media. However, some celebrities never compromise on their health despite their tough schedule and manage to retain their beauty, fitness, and overall health for long years.

The more famous you are, the more careful you have to be about your image and personality. Many celebrities, though once extremely popular and adored, fade into the oblivion as age catches by. However, a few become “superstars” and stay in the limelight not only for their hard work and dedication, but also for their energy, enthusiasm. They manage this by following a strictly healthy and age-defying diet. Here are a few such celebs who are very strict about their diet and their health and have retained their magic for decades.

Hema Malini
The dream-girl of the Indian silver screen, Hema Malini, still looks stunning even in her 60s. She still retains her youthful zest and is incessantly involved in various cultural activities. Recently, she has also started learning Urdu to understand “shayari” better. The secret behind her enthusiasm is her healthy nutrition and exercise habits. Hema Malini has been performing yoga since the past four decades and believes in eating only simple, home-cooked food made under her direction. Even on foreign tour, she carries all her preparations with her.

Salman Khan
Taking a cue from the then superstar Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, very early in his career, started working on his physique. More than two decades later, he still pursues his exercise routine with utmost dedication. According to his trainers, D’souza and Manish Advilkar, Salman is so dedicated to his exercise routine that if he misses his session, he performs exercise even at 2 a.m. He never leaves his session midway and one has to wait for 2 hours to meet him in between his session. His stamina is excellent, and at times he does some marathon pushups and sit-ups that are simply unimaginable. Thus, despite co-actors his age looking old, Salman retains the freshness and aura of a super-fit star.

Amitabh Bachchan
The original “angry young man,” who is now in his early 70s, has been working around-the-clock like his younger counterparts. Unlike the other actors of his generation who have almost retired or have completely faded away from limelight, you can see Senior Bachchan everywhere; from promotions to TV ads to realty shows and the like, and of course, in films. For years, since his accident in the film Coolie, Amitabh has been taking only home-cooked food. He hits the gym early in the morning and works out for almost two hours every day. He has a fitness trainer who ensures that he gets a complete body workout.

Known as the ageless beauty of Bollywood, Rekha’s conversion from a flabby duckling to slim princess surprised many during the heydays of 70s. Rekha leads a disciplined life, and apart from yoga, she also believes in aromatherapy and other natural therapeutic remedies. She avoids junk food and believes in leading a stress-free life.

John Abraham
The actor with Greek-god kind of looks stunned many with his splendid physique in the film called ‘Dostana.’ John has been into exercise and workouts since his early days when he worked as a model. His disciplined routine and eating habits have enabled him to maintain a fantastic torso for more than two decades. He is a true vegetarian and believes in eating only healthy food. According to his trainer Khatib, John does not believe in taking supplements and instead relies on natural foods for getting all the vital nutrients and staying fit.

Celebrities who follow a disciplined and healthy lifestyle always look stunning and fit even after aging and their appeal never fades.

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