The clavicle is also known as the collar bone. There are two clavicles one on each side attached to the shoulder. The clavicle can be felt as the horizontal bone below the neck region curving towards the shoulder.


The clavicle supports the shoulder and connects the arms to the rest of the skeleton. It facilitates the maximum range of movements of the arm and transmits the weight of the swinging arm to the body or chest.

Disease/ Injury/ Fracture

Fall on the outstretched hand commonly fractures the clavicle. This often occurs in sports like football, basketball etc. Paget’s disease is a condition in which bone undergoes abnormal growth and becomes weak. A tumor of the clavicle bone is very rare.

Interesting Fact(s)

The bone is short, light, thin, and smooth in females and called as ‘Beauty Bone’. Clavicle is the only long bone that lies horizontally. The Latin meaning of the bone is ‘little key’. The bone is roughly the same shape as a key for a Roman door lock.

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