The calcaneus is the bone of the foot that forms the heel. It is called as the heel bone. It is the largest bone of the foot.


It plays a vital role in bearing the weight of the body when you stand on your feet, support the leg, and help in walking. It acts as a joint between the ankle and the feet. It also helps in other functions like bending and rotating the feet.

Disease/ Injury/ Fracture

Trauma due to a fall or direct blow to the heel is common. A fracture can also occur due to a severe ankle sprain. The calcaneal spur is a small osteophyte located on the heel bone. (Osteophyte is a small bony growth formed on a normal bone).

A quick way to get rid of heel pain

Place a tennis ball or some similar small rolling object and place it under the foot. Roll the foot over the ball allowing it to slide on the bottom of the foot. This helps to get rid of heel pain.

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