Aquatic exercises for losing weight

Aquatic exercises for losing weight

Aquatic exercises for losing weight

If you love being in water then here is some good news. You can easily lose weight by doing some of the aquatic exercises designed especially to burn fat.

Losing weight is not easy. It is a constant struggle of mind and body. Mentally you have to resist all those goodies that you have been eating since childhood and physically you have to gear up to perform some of the exercises and movements that you never thought you will ever perform. However, if the exercises are full of fun and excitement you will always feel motivated to perform them. Aquatic exercise is one of the best ways to acquire complete body strength and lose weight quickly. The techniques of this form of exercise are easy and give complete workout to all body parts and the joints. Moreover, it is full of fun and is relaxing and you can easily stick to your daily routine without any other encouragement.

What is an Aquatic Exercise?

An aquatic exercise, as the name suggests, is carried out in water. With its natural property of resistance,water puts pressure on muscles and joints when you exercise in a pool. This results in a low-impact activity of exercise and the resistance helps strengthening the muscles. With this building of muscles, the process of burning fat begins whichis the main objective of the aquatic program for weight loss.

The medical experts have used this form of exercise for rehabilitation patients who lack strength to carry out or tolerate standard exercises. Now these exercises are becoming popular in public as well.

Types of aquatic exercises

Although there are different aquatic exercises and the routine can differ according to the trainer’s interest and your body requirement, three aquatic exercises are quite common.

Water walking

The ‘Water walking’ is very basic and popular aquatic exercise. One needs to perform this exercise with water reaching just above the waist-level. Walk from one side of the pool to the other, keeping your back is straight, and the arms moving in the left and right manner, as these do when one walks regularly in a normal fashion. ‘Water walking’ helps in losing weight and strengthens the muscles of abdomen, back, upper legs, arms and shoulders.


Kickboarding is another form of aquatic exercise which helps in quick weight loss. One needs to put upper torso including upper arms on a kickboard, and move around the pool paddling only with the legs. The legs and the overall lower body have to work harder due to the resistance of water, which helps to burn calories.

Resistance exercises

In some aquatic exercises, you do not need to perform any special activities. Using your body against the water offers adequate resistance and helps you to strengthen and trim down. Marching from one place to another, kicking your legs in water and making other leg and hand movements offer enough resistance and burn calories.

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