Antibiotic abuse: why does it happen?
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Antibiotic abuse: why does it happen?

Antibiotic abuse: why does it happen?

Human race as a whole is becoming more and more dependent on antibiotics with each passing day, sometimes even hooking onto the pills not just because of medical reasons but emotionally too. This rise of Antibiotic abuse is fast moving towards a dangerous future with challenges like bacterial resistance becoming a significant threat.

The different causes of antibiotic overuse are:

  • Increased antimicrobial use in the community and hospital
  • Increase in empiric antibiotics
  • Prolonged and broad-spectrum antibiotic courses
  • Repeated antibiotic courses
  • Prolonged Hospitalizations
  • Severely ill patient status
  • Immuno-compromised state
  • Increased use of intravascular devices and catheters
  • Inadequate infection control procedures
  • Antibiotic use in animals and agriculture

How to overcome this problem:

  • Use narrow spectrum antibiotics or older antibiotics.
  • Shorter duration of therapy when appropriate.
  • Manipulate the dose of antibiotics.
  • Educate people to use fewer antibiotics.
  • Focus more on prevention rather than using antibiotics.

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