An ear for the beer

If it is not tea or water for your guests, it is beer. Beer is the third most popular drink in the world. Recent Dutch research has shown that beer drinkers have recorded a 30% increase in their vitamin B6 levels. Beer can be good, beer can be bad; depends on how wisely you drink.

  • Alcohol has always been infamously famous. It has earned many fans and many more critics. A few latest studies have now come to the rescue of beer fans. They throw light on some benefits of beer, yes, health benefits! Sounds a little difficult to believe, right? How can beer have health benefits! Well, scientists, especially medical scientists, are a helpful lot. They think about everybody and continue to find good in the bad too. Jokes apart, here is a win-win scenario for the fans as well as the critics.

  • Beer benefits: Cholesterol

    Beer drinkers show low LDL (bad cholesterol) and high HDL (good cholesterol).

  • Beer benefits: Stroke

    Beer has known to reduce the risk of stroke in people who have a moderate quantity of beer regularly.

  • Beer benefits: Kidney

    The risk of developing kidney stones is lowered to a great extent with the consumption of beer. The reason is actually not directly related to beer but to hydration. Dehydration encourages the formation of kidney stones. Beer keeps the kidneys well hydrated, thereby reducing the risk.

  • Beer benefits: Cancer Risk

    Meat marinated in beer is better because beer is said to reduce the carcinogens in fried meat.

  • Beer benefits: Mental health

    In small quantity, beer has shown to help in building better mental health, especially in older age. The mental acuity gets better, risk of Alzheimer's gets reduced and overall memory and logical reasoning is improved.

  • Beer benefits: Blood Pressure

    Studies suggest that beer drinkers are at a lower risk of developing high blood pressure than non-drinkers.

  • Moderation

    A word of caution and an important reminder for those who are all smiles after reading this - Moderation. Drinking light, in moderation, knowing how often to drink and knowing when to stop. These control mechanisms are the key to healthy life. And if this little advice is not enough for you, let us talk about the other side of the coin - the Harmful Effects of Beer.

  • Beer bad effects: Addiction

    Dependency and addiction may develop. This will not only affect the health adversely but will also create social conflicts.

  • Beer bad effects: Liver Cirrhosis

    Liver disease can get much worse with consumption of beer.

  • Beer bad effects: Cancer

    Cancer of mouth, food pipe, liver - Excess beer increases the risk of developing cancer in parts of gastrointestinal system.

  • Beer bad effects: Beer Belly

    Beer is similar to a junk food, a lot of calories but no nutrition or satiety. It ends up making you fat. Several regular beer drinkers are proud (?) possessors of a large belly.

  • Beer bad effects: Triglycerides

    Triglycerides are a type of bad fat which influence the development of heart disease. Excess beer (3-4 glasses a day) causes increase in the triglycerides level of blood.

  • Beer bad effects: Pancreatitis

    Inflammation and dysfunction of pancreas can occur with too much beer. The wand of control is in your hands. Beer can make things better or bitter, what do you want it to do?

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