8 Strategies to battle stress

Here is a list of strategies to relieve stress. Start with one or two strategies first, then try others to know which one works for you. Gradually they become habits, which you can turn on while you are stressed.

  • Know the cause

    Write it down. When you are stressed write down the possible causes of your stress and what you are going through. E.g. Work pressure is causing a headache, you are feeling exhausted. This will make the cause and its impact clear. Then, you can work towards resolving the cause.

  • Let it out

    Express your feelings and share whatever you are going through with near and dear ones. It is a healthy way of venting out stress. Being aggressive may make things worse. Instead of showing anger or frustration, speak out in an assertive manner.

  • Divert your attention

    When you are stressed, engage yourself in something you love. It may be your favourite hobby like gardening, painting or watching a movie. After some time, you feel relieved.

  • Regular exercise

    A walk in the fresh air helps to relieve stress. You can ask your friends or well wishers to accompany you while you walk. Regular exercise for 30 minutes a day helps to keep the stress away.

  • Find a balance

    Working professionals tend to be stressed while trying to meet personal and professional needs. List down the tasks in the order of decreasing priority. When you actually list it down, you will find that there are certain things which can be eliminated, giving you more time for important things.

  • Relax

    Relax with natural exercises like meditation and yoga. They boost the supply of oxygen to brain and body, and promote peace of mind thereby relieving stress.

  • Say no to addictions

    Stay away from addictions like drinking alcohol and smoking. If you are already addicted, try to reduce it gradually. Limit alcohol to one or two units every day. Start with smoking one cigarette less. Staying healthy gives a lot of energy to fight stress.

  • Sleep well

    A sound sleep for 8 hours a day is essential. It relaxes mind, improves alertness and help combat stress. A warm shower before going to bed is relaxing. It helps you sleep better.

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