7 Tips for choosing contraception

Contraception or birth control is a method or means by which pregnancy can be prevented. There are various methods for contraception. Here is a list of 7 parameters to be considered while choosing a contraceptive.

  • Duration

    First consideration should be based on the duration. There are contraceptives which are temporary and those which are permanent. If you want a child in future, opt for a temporary contraceptive like a condom. If you already have kids, and do not wish to have any more, go for permanent methods of contraception e.g. vasectomy. Vasectomy is a surgical procedure of ligation of a tube carrying sperms at the time of ejaculation.

  • The impact of an unplanned pregnancy

    Suppose you have conceived without planning, how is it going to affect your future plans? If it is going to disrupt your plans seriously, use a birth control which is more effective. Pills are more effective than a condom.

  • Consider the efforts

    If you are planning to opt for a barrier like a condom, you have to use it before each intercourse. If you are planning to opt for a natural family planning, you have to abstain from sexual intercourse for the selected days. If you are planning to opt for pills, you have to take a pill daily. Decide your comfort level based on the efforts required before you decide.

  • Define purpose

    If the purpose of using a contraceptive is to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, then choose a barrier contraceptive e.g. condom. This can be used in addition to other birth control methods you are using to prevent pregnancy.

  • Diseases

    If you are suffering from any disease like heart disease, stroke, migraine, diabetes or liver disease check with your doctor for safer options. Birth control pills are contraindicated in women with heart disease, liver disease, history of stroke, uncontrolled diabetes, migraine etc.

  • Cost

    Intrauterine devices or surgical methods of contraception are seemingly expensive. But, they are one-time expense. If you are thinking of opting for pills or condoms they may cost more over a period of time. Calculate and decide.

  • Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding is said to act as natural contraceptive; but, it is not always effective. Nursing mothers should consider options like intrauterine devices or non-hormonal or low-hormonal pills which are safe for nursing moms and babies.

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