5 Things women find irresistible in men

5 Things women find irresistible in men

5 Things women find irresistible in men

Being in a romantic relationship is one of the most beautiful experiences in a person’s life. Every relationship has a unique form but there are certain things that women find irresistible about men and knowing these will help you to understand your woman better.

Here are five things women find irresistible in men:

1. He Is Understanding.
One of the prime qualities that women find overpowering about men is their understanding outlook towards life. Do you feel considerate towards other people? Women feel repulsed by men who are insensitive towards other people. Being able to understand the other is critical in any relationship with a woman.

How to be understanding? The first step towards understanding is to respect the other’s view and give it a chance. If your woman feels something and wants to talk about it, hear it out and give her the opportunity to tell you why she feels so. An outright acceptance or rejection of a person is a turn-off. Get to know other people and then judge them.

2. He Can Approach Others With An Open-Mind.
In today’s world, there are different kinds of people. Are you open to their ways of living? Even though you might understand what they do and why they do it, are you able to accept them and be friends with them? It is extremely important to women that their partner has a liberal attitude and is not bound by stereotypes about how a woman or her relationship with a man should be.

How to be open-minded? The act of being liberal starts by understanding the other. Do not try to impose your expectations on the other unless you understand how the other person is. This does not imply that you accept morally wrong actions. This does mean that you accept variety of actions which are morally right. That is, the other might not do what you do but as long as it is right, you should strive to accept it.

3. He Is Decisive And Can Take Responsibility For His Actions.
Women do not like men who are lazy and unable to take informed decisions. It is not just enough to make a decision but it is vital to follow it through and do it with passion. A man must have insight of what he wants to be and must be passionate about it.

Lack of passion for one’s job or consistent complaints about their job is simply another no-no on the list. You must be capable of making a decision, executing it, and taking responsibility for the consequences. Men who are excited to get into a relationship but cannot take the responsibility of taking care of the other are seen as nothing more than flatterers unless there is a genuine reason for such an inability.

How to be decisive and responsible? First, decide what you would like to be in your personal and professional life. Prioritize your wants and let your partner know it. Secondly, make sure your actions reflect this prioritization. It is not enough to say that you love animals and want to work for them but not help a hurt animal (whom you can help with your physical and financial capacities). Thirdly, research about any decisions you want to take and then, give the final word about it.

4. He Dresses Well And Has A Sense Of Humor.
Dressing well equalizes most importantly to cleanliness. It is a huge let down if a man does not take care of his body. At no level is a suggestion being made for extravagant clothing. At the most basic level, women find men who take care of themselves attractive. You need not necessarily have a 6-pack abs but if you shower and brush daily along with trimmed nails and well-set hair, then you have gone through the first screening test well. Secondly, it is important to ensure that the clothes you wear are not excessively loud and put out a smart look.

5. He Treats Me With Respect.
‘Respect’ is the buzzword for any relationship. Your respect for the other must be based on compassion and should not be empty following of a rule. This respect should be shown at different levels – physical, mental, and verbal.

How to be respectful? Never be physically or verbally violent with your partner. You will hurt her and this will completely ruin your chances of being with her in the future. Even though situations arise where you feel angry, attempt to communicate calmly. Take a break and find activities to vent out your anger. Then, when you are calm and composed, talk to her.

Did you know that a medical study revealed that a majority of women (aged 22 to 28) would never tolerate or reconsider being with their male partner after an incident of physical or verbal violence? Make sure that you do not let your emotions overtake your rationality. Take into account the context before you jump to any conclusions and emphasize on communication than physical force.

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