15 Things you should do daily to keep stress away

Stress has been called the ‘Evil Genius of Modernity’. It has taken over the lives of millions and is continuing to claim lifestyles continuously. The prime issue remains that people have not recognized stress and learnt to deal with it. Check out the fifteen everyday ways in which you can keep stress away!

  • Begin by accepting that you are stressed!

    The first step towards a stress-free life is to accept that you have stress. The common symptoms of stress include frequent headaches, stuttering, neck-ache, dizziness, frequent sweating, dry mouth, panic attacks, loneliness, forgetfulness, suicidal thoughts, over-reaction to trivial issues, and feelings of loneliness. If you feel low and overwhelmed by the activities of your life, then accept that you are stressed and know that you have the power to change your life.

  • Determine the stressors

    Make a list of all the things which stress you in your life. This will include the people, activities, or things you do which might cause stress. Do not hurry to write the list. Take your time. You could also do this over a weekend. Make sure you finish the list within three days.

  • Discard non-required stressful activities

    Now, begin by eliminating the activities which you think you do not necessarily need to do, for instance, commitments concerning online activities or religious ones. Do not go soft on any activity. Ensure that you gradually take off at least the five activities that are causing you the highest stress to you.

  • Breathe before you talk

    Take a deep breath prior to picking up a call or talking to someone. This will make you feel better and also make you more confident. It would also lead to reduction in sweating.

  • Bring home a pet

    Pet companions are one of the best ways to reduce stress. They help you to live in the present. Get home a dog or guinea pigs with whom you can stay and play daily.

  • Pursue a hobby

    Do you have an interest which makes you feel light and joyful? Have you been avoiding doing it because of work commitments? It is time to make some changes! Drop any other work and make time for your interests daily, at least for about 45 minutes.

  • Walk the stress out!

    Start walking for about 30 minutes daily. This does not have to be jogging or running. Simply walk in an unpolluted area. You can sit in a chair and get some peace with just Mother Nature around. This time that you found for yourself will allow you to connect with nature and forget about your worries.

  • Smile more!

    Did you know that smiling is one of the best ways to let your brain know everything is going to be fine? Learn to laugh and smile about situations which seemed dangerous. This does not mean that you do not take them seriously, but that you are ready to deal with them calmly.

  • Learn to say 'No'

    You cannot do everything everyone asks you to do. So, learn to prioritize your tasks and be assertive about your decisions. Do not let people take advantage of your generosity. This will result in greater stress for you!

  • Clean up!

    Cluttered environment results in a lazy and unorganized mind. If your office or home looks dirty and messy, then take some time off and clean it up. This will help you to think more clearly.

  • Bring home peace with rhythm!

    Music has a magnificent effect on the mood of a person. Choose some soothing instrumental music and listen to it as you travel to work or before an important meeting. This will make you feel light and ready for your day ahead.

  • Get a massage

    Massages release hormones which make you feel good. So, if you are feeling exhausted after your work, go and get a great massage. This will remove the tension from your mind. You could also ask your loved one to give you a massage.

  • Change your diet!

    Judge your diet and decide if you are eating a balanced one. If you aren't, then make modifications. You could start by making a diet chart and following it for a few weeks. You will begin to feel better by this time. Gradually, you can begin trying out other healthier foods.

  • Sleep adequately

    It is important to get at least 7.5 hours of sleep every day. This allows your body to feel refreshed. If you do not sleep well, then you will feel fatigue during the day & would not be able to take informed decisions.

  • Forgive and apologize when required

    Most of our stress would simply fly away if we swallow our mistakes and admit to them. If you have made any mistake- even talked violently, abusively to anyone - then apologize. Also, learn to forgive people for their mistakes instead of holding on to grudges.

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