10 Tips to handle dry and rough hair!

10 Tips to handle dry and rough hair!

10 Tips to handle dry and rough hair!

Do you feel that your hair just won’t listen to your beauty aspirations? Is your hair rough and dry and you have tried so many ways to fix it, but nothing works? Before you can fix your hair, it is important for you to understand the causes of rough hair. Dry hair implies that your scalp is not hydrated adequately. Thus, you need to moisturize your scalp as well as hair.

The weather conditions could also be affecting the texture of your hair. Pollution is one of the main reasons for hair damage. If you have been exposing your hair to a series of parlor procedures like hair coloring, perming, straightening, or using high-heat devices on it, then your hair has lost its natural balance and needs rejuvenation. Your hair is also affected by the nature of your diet. If you are not having a balanced diet, then your hair is wearing out due to the lack of proper nutrients. Lastly, there could be hormonal changes that affect the well-being of your hair.

While rough hair can be a pain and embarrassment, often you can gradually grow your hair smooth and thick by taking care of it. This would include doing the following :

TIP 1:
Massage your scalp with warm oil at least three times every week. You can use olive, castor, coconut or almond oil – a blend of these could also be made. First, heat the oil slightly and apply on the scalp. Let it stay for about 30 to 60 minutes. Then, wash your hair with warm water. Use a light shampoo.

TIP 2:
If you want to condition your hair naturally, then mix up an egg and milk into a paste and apply it onto your hair and scalp. This should stay on your hair and scalp for about 30 minutes, after which you can wash your hair normally. Condition your hair two times in a week. This will help to restore the protein levels of your hair.

Did you know that rinsing your hair with cold water makes it shinier? It closes the cuticle layer on hair strand and allows the conditioner to work better.

TIP 3:
Stir some yoghurt or curd into a paste using water. Apply it on your hair and let it stay for 60 minutes. Then, rinse it off with cold water.

TIP 4:
Do not use any hair drying devices or styling products: they force your hair to change its natural texture and initially you might feel wonderful with the styled hair, but in the end it would simply steal away its natural balance and leave it dry.

TIP 5:
Make a hair-friendly shift in your diet. Your hair needs vitamin E, vitamin A, protein, vitamin B-complex and iron. They allow hair to grow and avoid them from breaking. Include dairy products, green leafy veggies, tomatoes, and soya products in your diet!

TIP 6:
While buying shampoos, choose the ones which have no sulfate. This dries your hair and makes it rough. If you have really dry hair, then you do not need a shampoo at all. The main purpose of the shampoo is to remove dirt and water can do this conveniently for dry hair.

TIP 7:
If you do intend to use commercial conditioner or styling items, then choose the ones which do not contain silicones. While this ingredient makes your hair shiny initially, it will build up in your hair over time and they will begin to look dry.

TIP 8:
Make sure you trim your hair regularly, especially if you are going to start using sulfate-free shampoo and silicone-free conditioner. It is time to start anew and start it with getting rid of the damage as much as possible!

TIP 9:
Wash your hair just two to three times a week. Over-washing your hair can make it dry. When you wash your hair, use cold water. While drying, do not use a hair dryer. Instead, gently pat it with towel and apply an anti-frizz serum.

TIP 10:
Lastly, make sure you drink sufficient amount of water (at least 8 to 10 glasses every day). If you do not drink enough water, the scalp will get dehydrated, making your hair dull.

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