10 Habits which you didn’t even know you were addictive!

10 Habits which you didn’t even know you were addictive!

Top 10 habits you didn't even know you were addicted to

Here are certain things in day-to-day life that we get addicted to and don’t even realize.


Ever since the first man, the use of his thumb has been the most remarkable thing in the history of evolution. Not until our clan broke all records. I think if we’re ever going to be remembered in history, we’re going to be famous as the ‘Texters’, as that’s all that happens all day long. All records of multitasking are broken, where the thumbs are constantly typing SMSs even when you’re pretending to listen to somebody speak or watching a movie, attending someone’s funeral or sometimes even while having sex!

If those two few really hardworking fingers get the phone taken away from them, that’s where the real fiddle fidgeting starts. You turn restless and it’s like you lost half the reasons for your existence.

That little piece of gumiction

It’s the chewing gum I’m talking about. Half the world is trying to figure out the main purpose of chewing gums. If it’s to keep your mouth shut or preventing yourself from talking rubbish, there are many other ways. If you’re one of those people that need ‘the gum’ every time you think you got to travel, even if it’s to the super mart and back, then you will know that being out of it, someday, will be a deep grave problem for you. Your mouth will feel naked, and you’re teeth will feel like they’re in rehab. Not to forget, while driving you may even end up crying a tear or two as you may miss your favourite bubble-blowing part!

Shop addiction

Here I’m not referring to a hardcore shopaholic, even if you’re one among those million others that look at a new collection watch or pair of those ‘I’ve-always-wanted-them-since-forever’ footwear and obsess over it in your mind and go that crazy over it, that you take up the pointless effort of saving and budgeting then you are already there. Welcome to the league of people that don’t buy everything they see but cannot let go of that one favourite thing they looked at and fell in love at first sight with. This kind of addiction paralyzes your thinking and the thought of buying that item acts like a parasite. So the next time you walk into a mall and drool over your new catch, you must know you’re a shopaddict!

The F word

Yes, yes, the F word. We’ve been doing it since quite a very long time and there is no shame in admitting. Everything we ever do is about the F’ing. The F’ing is always on our mind and it mostly happens on our bed. You guessed it right, because you know you’re addicted. Facebook! That’s the F that more interesting to many, better than the original F’ing or some. If life was an open book, it’d be called Facebook. You might not know, but everything you subconsciously do is for Facebook. You may not want to change your pyjamas and go out with a friend that you don’t even consider your friend anymore, but yet you reconsider going as it’ll add new news feed update in your Facebook timeline, showing how interactive your dull life is. You don’t forget to click a new picture, keeping in mind a new attractive profile picture that becomes a new topic for someone to discuss, even if it’s a selfie in the loo of a restaurant. Then my dear friend, you are the addicted to the F.

Game zones

I do not mean the gaming zones in a mall, the zone I’m referring to is when you mind goes into game mode, like your phone goes into silent mode. You quit connection with world. You’re ultimate motto is to beat or shoot the hell out of the badass villain that invade your country or threatens your army or kidnaps your chic. You then live in your virtual world and many a times let it invade your real life and hamper your relationships. Ever since gaming begun at Mario Bros and his princess captured by a dragon, the gaming addiction never stopped. Looking at exact statistics, it’s got a long way to go until gaming from Gameboy passes to PSPs and the Xboxes and ending to nowhere. If you’re reading this and think that you’re not on this list, think again. Even if you can’t go a day without playing you favourite game on your phone, we would put you on this list.

Coffee and you!

There are two people in the world – the tea people and the coffee people. The remaining are the Romans that drink up the vodka! Majority belong to the coffee category. The caffeine addiction is that off the level of alcohol. When you consume caffeine it produced serotonin hormone in the body that gives you a feeling of well-being. This feeling subconsciously becomes a craving, and coffee becomes a need. Disaster! One must know that coffee does more harm than good. There are a few benefits but the addiction to it might just leave you handicapped, for the day you don’t get that one doze of caffeine you wish for.

The sweet tooth

The sugar rush story is known by the world. What is this sugar rush? It’s when a baby is fed a banana and there is an excess flow of energy in the baby’s body for the next hours that follow. The sugar enters the brain and triggers a shot of energy, glucose. So for all you sugar lovers, once the brain loses that doze it asks for more, literally. Some may even desperately desire for or do behave abnormally over just seeing just a high-calorie, super-sweet, containing-over-the-nutritional-amount-of-fat, pastry.

Sex addiction

If you are fed up of your partner making excuses even one night a week and you are still frustrated about it plus crazily mad at her, you’re in trouble. Sex addicts indulge in pornography, excessive masturbation and find the need to have a partner every night. You may think it’s a need for your body, but every day is not normal. It can be very harmful to the body of the addict as well as risky if one is involved with multiple partners. Many, mostly being men, believe that they do not get sleep until they watch porn. Sex addiction can hamper your personal life, mess with your mind and ‘screw’ up your body.


Social media, chat rooms and the urge to Google. Are you the Curious George of this era? Where Google has more answers than God. If you always wish to have access to the gates of knowledge and Google away from hair clips to meanings, from how tos to where tos, from style tips to rocket science; welcome to the era of the knowing it all. Chat rooms are like loos, no matter where you are, you have to visit them at least once a day. The joy of talking to somebody who gives a shit about you but yet listens to your story is magnificent. The additions are not the harmful ones. It’s where you book a few hours away from the world just to talk to, stalk or follow people who really don’t matter to anybody. Internet is like a temple for the lonely people of the world. There’s just one solution to it, cut the access to it and go get a life.

Liar, Liar, who’s on fire?

Are you on the fire to lie? You lie to get away with something, for protection, to make up for the bad you did last summer, to avoid hurting people. Justified and understood. You do it for pleasure… ummm… Problem? The braggers, boasters, fakesters belong here. Don’t blame them; they don’t even know it’s not them. The mind of these people always hunt for ways to be superior, they even go to the extent of proving their lies. It gives them feeling of satisfaction. The lies keeps them so engrossed like building a serious cage around their world, they may not even notice others have caught his lie. So the next time somebody says that he’s almost been to the moon, try not to punch him in the eye, he’s only an addict after all!

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