10 bedtime beauty essentials!

10 bedtime beauty essentials!

10 bedtime beauty essentials!

Sleep is a critical part of your body life cycle. A good night’s sleep can make your morning wonderful. Tiring schedule at work and the daily chores make us drift away from caring for our body. So Bedtime is the best time to pamper the parts, otherwise overlooked. Before we talk about beauty sleep, it is important to keep in mind the pyramid of healthy lifestyle: sufficient sleep (at least 8 hours daily), a balanced diet and adequate exercise. Abiding by these steps of the pyramid appends a value-addition to your everyday health.

Here are the beauty essentials you need to take into consideration, before you hit the bed:

  1. Baby-soft soles :
    Before you sleep, apply Vaseline on the sole of your feet. This will adequately moisturize your soles and you can wake up to the great opportunity of wearing those heels you have been dying to try out!
  2. Healing the puffy eyes :
    If you are worried about waking up with puffy and tired eyes (even after 6 to 8 hours of sleep), then put on a little eye cream. You can also keep an extra pillow and make sure you sleep on your back. This will allow the fluids around your eyes to drain easily and reduce the puffiness.
  3. Trying out wavy hairstyle :
    Bedtime is the best time to work on your hairstyle. Before you sleep, shower and fashion your hair into the style you want. Apply a styling cream on your hair gradually, after having air-dried it. Now, decide if you would like to put them up in buns or braids. Stylize them into the pattern and wake up to wavy hair!
  4. Let your skin breathe :
    Those who are suffering from dry skin can apply moisturizer. A humidifier is also a great accessory for help in these cases. You can switch on the humidifier before you go to sleep. This will help your skin to retain its moisture through appropriate hydration.
  5. Keep aging at bay :
    Did you know that sleeping on cotton pillowcases can increase the chances of creases and wrinkles on your skin? Prevent wrinkles by using silk or satin bed clothing. This will also reduce hair breaking.
  6. Wake up, miss white smiles:
    If you want to take off the yellows from your teeth, then brush some baking soda and let them stay for about 8 minutes. Afterwards, thoroughly rinse your mouth. Do not perform this beauty tip more than once a week, it will negatively affect the structure of your enamel.
  7. Work on your complexion :
    During the day, sunlight might disable some face creams from working effectively on your complexion. Make the most use of night and apply a face cream containing retinal and vitamin C.
  8. Lengthen your lashes :
    Eye lashes depth and grace to your eyes. You might feel that working on your lashes will require way too much effort. But, much to your surprise, everything your lashes need is contained in a natural ingredient – castor oil. Consisting of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are highly hydrating, they will avoid your lashes from breaking and also strengthen them. Apply castor oil on your lashes before you sleep and watch them grow thick and healthy within a few weeks!
  9. Taking care of your hair :
    Skim leave-in conditioner through your hair in the evening and let them stay on till the morning. This will let them become soft and shiny. You can also use coconut oil as an alternate conditioner.
  10. Readying your nails for polish :
    Depending on the skin type, the nails of certain people become dry. If you are one of them, it would be best to apply a cuticle cream or oil on them before you sleep to wake up to polish-ready nails.

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