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What is MOHO?

MOHO means “MY HEALTH”. is a complete Health, wellness & Fitness service to provide a healthy lifestyle at a click. Users will get any of his/her health queries answered by a qualified medical Doctor, at the convenience of his/her home and time. Not only consultation user can learn how to manage a healthy life from the widest library of health information. One can access articles & photo stories across categories like Men’s & Women’s health, Kid’s & Old age care, Beauty, Fitness & Lifestyle management. Moreover, one can get fitness trained at home following the videos on Yoga & Aerobics. User can also buy blood tests, diagnostic services, discounted health checkup packages and other medical and lifestyle support services from MOHO.

What are the top features of MOHO service?
There are three key features of MOHO service:

  • READ
    • Access to largest health information library across categories like Men’s & Women’s health, Kid’s & Old age care, Beauty, Fitness & Lifestyle management
    • Video for Yoga, Aerobics, Diet & Nutrition
  • ASK
    • Anytime anywhere consultation with medically qualified Doctors from Nepal
    • Second medical opinion from top doctors of India
    • Buy health checkup and diagnostic tests & packages at a special rate
    • Get Free home collection facility with every package booking
    • Online yoga, fitness & aerobic classes to stay healthy & fit at home
    • Personalized online coaching for body building & weight management

What all content available in health information library?
Health information library covers content in the form of articles, photo stories & videos across following seven categories:

    1. Men’s Health
    2. Women’s Health
    3. Kid’s Care
    4. Beauty and Fitness
    5. Lifestyle Problem
    6. Mental Health
    7. Sexual Health

Contents are specially designed and organized for user objective oriented and split across more then 40 sub categories including

  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Fitness  Exercises
  • Home remedies
  • Pregnancy care
  • Being father
  • Beauty secrets
  • General social life and many more…

How do I access the MOHO content services?

MOHO content services are free and is accessible at or by downloading the MOHO mobile Application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. All the contents are medically written by an expert and approved by another medical expert.

Terms & condition for using guidance from content and/or online medical consultation provided by MOHO:

MOHO provides professional medical and health guidance to its users on mobile and internet platforms. All content available on MOHO are medically ratified. All Doctors available for consultation are medically qualified and are trained to the best possible way for handling online consumers. Yet, MOHO advises its users to use their discretion and knowledge to respond or act to the guidance provided by the service. It is the sole responsibility of the user to respond or act or ignore on any guidance provided by the content and Doctors of MOHO. It is important to note that an online consultation is not and cannot be a replacement for physical consultation with doctors and/or other healthcare service providers.


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