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Diabetes Panel (FBS/PPBS/HBA1C)

Get the Diabetes Panel Test including FBS, PPBS and HbA1c Test to assess blood sugar levels and diabetes risk. Book at MOHO for the lowest cost and free home sample collection.

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Diabetes Panel (FBS/PPBS/HBA1C)

Rs.1,000.00 Rs.1,200.00


The Diabetes Panel Test is a combination of three tests - Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS), Postprandial Blood Sugar (PPBS) and Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) Test. This panel of tests is used to evaluate blood sugar levels and to diagnose or monitor diabetes.

The Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) Test measures the amount of sugar present in the blood after an overnight fast. The results of this test help determine whether a person has diabetes or pre-diabetes. Fasting blood sugar levels above 126 mg/dL indicate diabetes, while levels between 100-126 mg/dL indicate pre-diabetes.

The Postprandial Blood Sugar (PPBS) Test measures the blood sugar level after meals, usually taken two hours after eating. This test is used to monitor blood sugar levels in people with diabetes or to diagnose diabetes. PPBS levels above 200 mg/dL are considered high and indicate diabetes, while levels between 140-199 mg/dL indicate pre-diabetes.

The Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) Test measures the average blood sugar level over the past 2-3 months. This test is used to diagnose diabetes and to monitor blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. HbA1c levels above 6.5% indicate diabetes, while levels between 5.7%-6.4% indicate pre-diabetes.

The Diabetes Panel Test is recommended for people with a family history of diabetes, people who are overweight or obese, and those with symptoms such as increased thirst, frequent urination, and unexplained weight loss. The test is also recommended for people with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, which are risk factors for diabetes.

At MOHO, we offer the Diabetes Panel Test at the lowest cost in Nepal. Our network of NPHL-approved labs ensures accurate and reliable results. Additionally, we offer free sample collection at home and free consultation with doctors. Book the Diabetes Panel Test today and take a step towards better diabetes management.


8-9 Hrs fasting needed

Normal Range

HBA1C Reference Range:4.0-5.6%
<18 years: Hemoglobin A1c criteria for diagnosing diabetes have not been established for patients who are <18 years of age.
> or =18 years: Increased risk for diabetes (prediabetes): 5.7-6.4%
Diabetes: > or =6.5%

Fasting Blood Sugar Refernce Range:
> or =126 mg/dL after an 8-hour fast

Post Parndial Sugar Reference Range
65−139 mg/dL

Type of sample to be collected
Blood Sample

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