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Haemoglobin Glycosylated Blood (HBA1C)

Get your blood sugar level checked with HbA1c Test at MOHO Pathology. The test provides a 3-month average of blood sugar levels and helps in the diagnosis and management of diabetes. Book the test today and consult with our doctors for free.

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Haemoglobin Glycosylated Blood (HBA1C)

Rs.900.00 Rs.965.00


MOHO Pathology offers the HbA1c Test, also known as the Glycated Hemoglobin Test, to measure the average blood sugar level over the last 3 months. This test is important in the diagnosis and management of diabetes.

The HbA1c Test is a simple blood test that measures the percentage of hemoglobin that is coated with sugar. Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout the body. When blood sugar levels are high, some sugar attaches to the hemoglobin, forming HbA1c. The higher the blood sugar levels, the more HbA1c will be present in the blood.

The HbA1c Test is an important tool in managing diabetes. It can help you and your doctor determine how well you are managing your blood sugar levels over time. If your HbA1c levels are consistently high, it may indicate that your diabetes treatment plan needs to be adjusted.

The HbA1c Test is also useful in the diagnosis of diabetes. A high HbA1c level, along with other symptoms or tests, can confirm a diabetes diagnosis. It is important to note that the HbA1c Test is not a substitute for a blood glucose test, which measures blood sugar levels at a specific point in time.

At MOHO Pathology, we offer the HbA1c Test at the lowest cost in Nepal. Our labs are NPHL approved, and we provide free home sample collection and consultation with doctors. Book the HbA1c Test today and take the first step in managing your diabetes.


You need 12 hours of fasting for this test

Normal Range


<18 years: Hemoglobin A1c criteria for diagnosing diabetes have not been established for patients who are <18 years of age.

> or =18 years: Increased risk for diabetes (prediabetes): 5.7-6.4%

Diabetes: > or =6.5%

Type of sample to be collected
Blood Sample

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