Consumer First

At MOHO, we take pride to be the Consumer Advocacy Platform i.e. bringing the best services from the best service providers to our customers at their convenience at a reasonable price.


Anytime, Anywhere

The power of the internet has brought the world closer, products & services are available at a click, so why travel for our health, wellness & fitness services. At MOHO, we aim to bring the best service providers from all of Nepal and the world to every internet-enabled city of Nepal.


One Price For All

The price of blood tests changes from one city to another because of transportation and other operational challenges, At MOHO, we aim for - One Nepal, One Price.


Information Simplified

Each and every piece of content in our Read section is written by Doctors & Experts, then simplified by our team to make it easy to understand. If you still have doubts, take a free consultation with our Doctors.

MOHO is designed to take care of people who are sick, who are care givers and more importantly for those who want to prevent falling sick.
At MOHO, we aim to bring services, at the convenience of your location and time, so that you can do what you love the most.
Live Hassle-free
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